Scribd Twofers: A poem and an essay

a quick journal entry for your viewing pleasure

My enjoyment of the arts became deeper and profoundly more diverse when I began searching, not to fill my immediate needs, but to answer certain questions. What mood was the creator in? How did this serve them? Why did they make this choice or that? I, of course, managed to ignore these lessons earlier in life and caught on much later than I should have.

Still, I see we often look to consume, and forget to enjoy the delineation of art and decoration. The reason why some things feel like art and some feel like excess bulk in our lives, no matter what medium we peruse or where we collect from, is because those questions appear inherent to the piece that fulfills us. In saying, when questions become insoluble or even nonexistent, no matter how original or replicated, the piece becomes something less than art.

What did this piece do for the author? Nothing. Where did it take them in their mind? Where does it seek to take others? Etc. The difference between aesthetic and purpose.

Aesthetic expresses purpose but does not represent it holistically. It does not seek answers or present questions, but rather begs others to ask after it in an amalgamation of impressions. Which they might. This doesn’t make it an unworthy pursuit if willing to keep the consequences in mind.

These sometimes go hand in hand too.

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