Essential Sci-Fi: Guardians of Time by Poul Anderson

In the six decades since its publication, Anderson’s collection of short stories still gives perspectives of the past, both 20th century and beyond, presenting the kind of forward-thinking social commentary that developed into normalcy more recently. This alone makes it as much time machine as it is time travel saga, transporting the reader around the world from pre-historic to the edges of prediction. Its genius lies in the nuanced definitions of the known world and Poul’s tangled yet logically sound ball of yarn that makes up the unknown.

If that alone doesn’t strike interest, Guardians of Time (AKA: Time Patrol) is still one of the most captivating and cleverly crafted series of stories I’ve had the pleasure of reading. Reading it for the first time, I could hardly bear to put the book down; rereading it produced the exact same longing. For as long as it has born fruit for its readers, I imagine it will continue to bring wisdom from the past and project ideas for their future in a digestible, exciting way.

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