Reworked: Entropy and the Audacity of Comfort

You are in danger of living a life so comfortable and soft, that you will die without ever realizing your true potential.

David Goggins

The lies we tell ourselves become the excuses we use to placate our own insecurities.

Embrace change, adversity, and overcome the circumstances. The “obstacle is the way” (Ryan Holiday), because quite simply, that is life. There is no part of life that isn’t the obstacle itself, no matter what lies we tell ourselves.

As humans, we have the audacity to expect comfort, when reality proves time and again that we are promised nothing but the natural systems of entropy that existed long before and will exist long after us.


I listen.

It’s my job not to pay attention, but I listen.
I like to hear them laugh
and enjoy each other.
I love their stories and their snores through
a well-earned nap.

I like to hear their families say,
“Jacob turns eight this year.”
that’s Carl you’re thinking of,
but that’s okay.

I weep inside for
their breakup’s, their hard times,
their mom’s sick.
They piece my heart back together
when they ask their
if they’ve eaten. They called
just to ask that and if
they could pick anything up.