around you

Do that thing again.

You cry while I hold you,
like the little baby I am.

Don’t look now, 

I’ve never fucked up
so completely. 

Oh wait, 
yes I have. 

Lemonade day breeze

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The bench spoke to me. 
I waited so long: 
the daily walks,
the nervous glances,
 - hoping. 
I made excuses, 
now thinking about it, 
to walk by. 
Deluding myself to believe.


I do like walking.

I do like that bench.
Around and around
that gnarly,
blood-footed path.

And then

“please leave“ it requested. 
An underwhelming introduction, 
chills and flutters
I walk on.


Where the wandering willows weep; 
for far they’ve come, no home, 
my foggy mind leaps 
to the end of the galaxy known. 
Who should I meet 
but the galaxy always alone. 

Once my travels cease, 
back to the shady grass. 
The tears the willows weep 
have turned all to laughs, 
to water at their feet,
a home they have at last.  

Unlike earth beneath the trees, 
my roots do not dig so. 
They open their hairy arms 
to much I do not know. 
Like water beneath the trees  
absorb all I need to grow.