The Underground – A Note

Music credit: Test Drive – Joji

While In

Subverting patience
one expectation at a time.
I like to weaponize 
existentialism - 
it’s my kink.
I don’t even like the music,
I just know you
like me for listening. 
What a ball,
a beautiful wedding. 
So pulls the oxen 
on cart. 

Pardon me a moment
while I spiral 
out of control here. 


From birth
your time, 
they say,
will come.

Your family 
the papers,
you sign.
Guns flare. 

The uncles, 
the grandads,
the fathers - 
those left - 
they say, 
your time 
will come.

You sign,
they cheer,
you fight,
they boo.
Your war 
will come. 

Could Never Pretend

I am not the carbon copy,
but rather the rough
suffocating diamonds.
In these dank caves,
nothing comes through -
signals upon waves
upon kilojoules of pixels.
Time to turn off the news. 

Little Hollywood

I’d like to die
ahead of all the times
I see you 
kill me. 

For the thousandth:

I take you places
to watch you enjoy them; 
set blueberries on your tongue,
giving life the bright eyes
with dark, polychromatic rings
warm me in the morning.

equals cute 
when what comes to mind

woh Or: How to Kill Time Without Killing Yourself

Another mailbox 
with a lump in its throat.
on the drive there,
like a virus catches on.
Important letters to send;
busy, busy, busy.
If you can believe it.
A barn so perfect
it could only house
endless flows
of stench-free horse shit.
A bit chilling to the eyes.

No rush. 

beneath their angelic
vocal cords. 
Whatever it takes
to Ave Maria.
Dulce et decorum est

Really, the point,
at your leisure please.

He doesn’t scare her. 
For how eccentric, 
how pathetically odd
he is
and she’s fine with that. 

I’ve sung this way
since paper pilots
wore leather flaps
over their ears.
I’ve also never
seen the animals.

Ugh, wrong notes.

You can let go now,
you neurotic
sack of...
Incredible how well
we craft illusions 
out of reality. 

You can let go.

I always thought 
the universe was
Not to sound ungrateful,
but turns out someone 
left their plastic model
next to a set of steel bells.

And it hit me.
How did they
even get there?
Like ticks on your skin.
When did they 
cross over
and start biting?
They must have borrowed
some poor sap’s webbing.
Can't sit around on a 
branch all day, right?
Busy, busy, busy
those ticks. 
I'd believe it.

I guess Thoreau
Never heard of 
“when in Rome.” 
Please, let go. 

Atom Discovers Fire

I discovered a new element.
It cures ailments,
makes people happy,
pushes past dark thoughts
to transform
this harsh, volatile world
into a generally
livable space.


scarcely little exists.
We fight over it,
hate over it,
and altogether bastardize
its original
for our selfish desires.
a fragile and clumsy thing.