Just Finished: “Supernova” by Ris V Rose

My friends, today, I’ve gorged myself: On morsels of chocolate, bitter leaves, and honey wine – on smiles and choked down tears alike. 

“Supernova” was everything I needed it to be and a couple things I didn’t expect. A beautiful poetry collection, the blossoming of a harbinger, inspiration, the touch of another’s empathy, and a nostalgic peach. 

Where I often find consistency dull, “Supernova” cast charm upon the subtle nuances of a theme across years of learning. Insight Ris has come to from the depths of sorrow to the vibrance of her life mimicking the metaphor she carried with her throughout. 

Guiding you through the book, Ms. Rose leaves you with the catharsis of her notes: sometimes punchy sarcasm, others deep longing, often both. Not only do they bring you closer to her world, but provide a new lens with which to re-read the passages. I felt a familiarity with the honesty that lurks beneath compared to the sweetness written above. 

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