A Thousand Little Eyes

Either I stood in your shadow
or waited in your shade. 
A fly on the wall
buzzing about things to be made.
Now I see clearly
with a thousand little eyes.
Please leave these words,
how little you keep inside.  

Excerpts from Morning View

"For once it was nice:
shedding myself of the most boring aspects of my life. 
Which were, realistically, the most exciting parts
in the lives of others...

Before, I placed all my perception of beauty into wonder,
into imagining great features in great lands,
great feats by great hands.
Now I know,
it is not those who wander that are lost,
but those who wonder endlessly of where they could go."


Where the wandering willows weep; 
for far they’ve come, no home, 
my foggy mind leaps 
to the end of the galaxy known. 
Who should I meet 
but the galaxy always alone. 

Once my travels cease, 
back to the shady grass. 
The tears the willows weep 
have turned all to laughs, 
to water at their feet,
a home they have at last.  

Unlike earth beneath the trees, 
my roots do not dig so. 
They open their hairy arms 
to much I do not know. 
Like water beneath the trees  
absorb all I need to grow.