soon you'll see 
where lovers dreamed 
dust in the air 
smell of the free 
dreamers call home 
come back to me 
from last light gleamed 
come back to me

Excerpts from Morning View

"For once it was nice:
shedding myself of the most boring aspects of my life. 
Which were, realistically, the most exciting parts
in the lives of others...

Before, I placed all my perception of beauty into wonder,
into imagining great features in great lands,
great feats by great hands.
Now I know,
it is not those who wander that are lost,
but those who wonder endlessly of where they could go."

Plea Bargain

To the editor, 

I read the signs:
many long books,
reflections high and low.
For a great fear,
a life without, alone.
Madam, I confess,
of my journey
far and less;
of stars and streams alike. 
Nothing helped me see.
Not the sun behind her, 
burning in her amber eyes
or words within set free. 
I implore you,
find the will.

Maybe not a happy ending,
but an ending even still.